The Premium LED Lighting Process

Specializing in LED lighting and installationSpecializing in LED Lighting & Installation

  • First, Premium Lighting will partner with you throughout the process.
  • Plus, our experts are trained on the best lighting products as well as the many benefits to your business.
  • And, you can rely on us to handle your LED Lighting Retrofit from beginning to end. 

Where are LED lights mostly used?

Well, LED Lighting is being widely adopted in every type of building, warehouse and office park.  And, this includes all indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Will I be able to justify any upfront costs?

As you’ll see, long-lasting LED lights is a smart business choice.  As a result, LED lighting offers huge energy and maintenance savings that easily justify any upfront cost.

The 7 Step Premium Lighting Process

Step 1 Energy Audit

  • For starters, the first step of our proven process is to  complete an on-site visit.
  • As you’ll see, this visit will include a no cost site survey and energy audit.  And, this will cover your building(s) and existing lighting.  Then, we review materials as needed including floor plans, blueprints and utility bills.

Step 2 Energy Savings Estimate

Then, we provide you with an energy savings estimate that includes items such as,

  • LED lighting products
  • And, energy savings
  • Plus, enviro impacts and benefits.
  • Also, project cost (including materials, labor, warranty and support).
  • And, financial analysis, including:
    • Total upgrade cost
    • And, energy cost savings
    • Also, Utility Rebates and EPACT tax incentives
    • Plus, Break-even and ROI analysis
    • And, Cost to wait analysis
  • And, Financing Options.

In addition, Premium Lighting works with over 30 high quality manufacturers.  Therefore, we will only suggest a company’s product if they are a perfect fit and meets our quality standards.

Step 3 Project Proposal

Next, you will see the details broken down in your project proposal.  So, you’ll receive a detailed report of how we plan to implement your LED lighting project.

So, your detailed proposal includes:

  • Materials
  • Lights
  • Labor
  • Warranty and support
  • Disposal
  • Design
  • Layout

Step 4 Scope of Work Agreement

  • Next, once your project is planned to your satisfaction, we’ll have you sign off to ensure we’re all on the same page before we begin.
  • In addition, we’ll work with you to make financial plans for your project as needed.

Step 5 Place Order & Schedule Installation

In addition, we’ll work with you to leverage Green Funding Programs.  As, this allows you to complete your project with no new money out of pocket.  Plus, we will assist with your electric company rebate applications.

Step 6 Deliver & Install Product

Next,we’ll deliver the products and begin install. And, we will issue progress reports as needed and provide EPA-compliant disposal and recycling.

Plus, the Premium Lighting difference is that we are a full turnkey company. And, we’re here with you every step of the way to make sure your lighting project is installed perfectly.

Step 7 Post Implementation Support

Finally, we will do a walk-through after install is complete.  So, during this phase, we’ll conduct a system test to make sure everything is working as it should.

In addition, we will provide all project steps needed in order to submit utility company rebates and satisfy EPACT and other tax program requirements.  As a result, our focus is on your return on investment and helping you maximize your profit moving forward.  

Why Choose Premium Lighting?

  • First, we specialize in energy efficient lighting solutions.
  • And, we provide our customers the very best lighting with the very best cost savings and return on investment.
  • Plus, Premium Lighting has been providing energy efficient lighting for over 30 years.  
  • Also, we have great relationships with the best LED manufacturers. Therefore, Premium Lighting only sells quality products that will last a very long time.  And, we don’t sell you cheap junk products that could turn into a nightmare for you.  So, understand not all LED products are made the same.
  • And, we will consult with you to help you make the most beneficial choices.

Finally, Premium Lighting stands behind our products with a 5 year service warranty. So, this means no one at your business will need to stand on a ladder changing a bulb for 5 years or more.