Commercial LED Lighting Audits

Our Detailed Report Shows Energy Cost Savings

We provide business owners with a no cost energy audit.  As a result, we can reduce your lighting costs by 50%-80%. 

So, in the LED lighting audit, the detailed report will show:

  • For starters, how much of your power bill is being spent on lighting based on watts per fixture, the hours the lights are on, and the cost per KWh. 

  • Plus, the cost savings you can expect by switching to energy efficient LED lighting and the return on investment (ROI).

  • And finally, how much of a rebate the power company will pay you to upgrade.

Commercial LED Lighting.

Importance of the LED Lighting Energy Audit

All businesses can benefit from an LED lighting upgrade plan.

  • First, Premium Lighting performs a free on-site survey and energy audit.  Then, we provide a solution with the best energy savings and ROI possible.

We manage your  LED lighting retrofit project every step of the way. 

  • Also, Premium Lighting believes the best way to improve lighting efficiency is through value design.
  • So, we provide the best desired light levels using the least amount of total wattage.  And, this leads to the lowest overall cost, most efficient lighting and the best ROI. 

Premium Lighting Audit Services

  • Initially, we’ll take the time to educate you about the options available that make the most sense for your business.
  • In addition, we’ll provide a photo metric review as needed.
  • As a result, this will compare lighting output of fixtures to make sure you’re getting the light levels that you need or want.

We provide the following LED lighting audits at NO cost:

  • Commercial LED Lighting Audit

  • Energy Efficiency Audit

  • Business LED Lighting Audit

  • Energy Lighting Audit

So, get informed today about how much your business can save.
Contact Premium Lighting at Primary: (813)966-7687, Secondary: (813)753-5493 to schedule a professional NO cost Commercial LED Lighting Audit.

In addition, Premium Lighting is a full service lighting company.  And, we specialize in Commercial Lighting Audits in Florida’s Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. So, we are your LED Lighting Specialists.  We’ve been providing lighting solutions for over 30 years. 

Let us help you:

  • Reduce your energy bill.

  • See what rebate and incentive programs you can get.

  • Improve the productivity and comfort of customers and staff.

  • Improve your bottom line.