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Important LED Lighting Trends to Consider

Benefit from LED Lighting!!As you’ll see, there are many market trends putting pressure in the US and across the globe to become more energy efficient, such as:

Top 6 Commercial LED Lighting Market Trends

LED Market Trend #1

  • For starters, the Dept of Energy  creates market conditions and strongly encourages the power companies to manage the power grid more efficiently.  As a result, fewer power plants are needed and energy demand can be met.

LED Market Trend #2

  • Therefore, one of the best ways for businesses to become more energy efficient is for companies to offer incentives, rebates and  resources on the benefits of LED Lighting.Benefit from LED Lighting!

LED Market Trend #3 

  • Also, the marketplace is phasing out the old fluorescent tubes.  In addition, prices are rising and supply is being reduced.  For instance, have you looked at the lighting aisle at Lowes or Home Depot lately?  

LED Market Trend #4

  • Also, every business will need to convert to Commercial LED Lighting. But, those who convert sooner will retain more otherwise lost profit dollars.

LED Market Trend #5

  • In addition, electric rates will continue to rise every year.  So businesses are able to off-set annual increases with a reduction in energy consumption by using LED lighting.

LED Market Trend #6

  • Finally, old lighting is costly due to the short product life cycles and constant replacement of bulbs and ballasts.  Lighting maintenance costs are almost eliminated.