M&M Printing

M and M Printing

In addition, improved foot candles by 230%.  Also, enhanced color rendering for printed materials. Plus, better worker safety around operating equipment.

M&M Printing Before

M and M Printing - Before

M&M Printing After

M and M Printing - After

Menorah Manor

Menorah Manor

Menorah Manor Before

Menorah Manor - Before

Menorah Manor After

Menorah Manor - After

Weller Truck Parts

Weller Truck Parts

Weller Truck Parts Before

Weller Truck Parts - before 1
Weller Truck Parts - Before 2
Weller Truck Parts - Before 3

Weller Truck Parts After

Weller Truck Parts - After 1
Weller Truck Parts - After 2
Weller Truck Parts - After 3

Metropolitan Ministries – Thrift Store Warehouse/Tampa

Metropolitan Ministries

Initially, the warehouse for the Tampa Thrift Store was in much need of adequate lighting.  Also, the existing T12 fixtures were not producing the light they wanted. So, the 8′ 2-lamp cool white T12 strip fixtures in the open floor area were retrofitted to 8′ 4-lamp tandem high vision T8 LED fixtures.  Plus, the 8′ 2-lamp cool white T12 strip fixtures along the perimeter were retrofitted to 8′ 2-lamp high vision 2-lamp T8 LED fixtures. As a result, the comments were along the lines of “It’s never been so bright in here!” Finally, there was now a nice even light throughout the warehouse.

Metropolitan Ministries

Metropolitan Ministries - After 1
Metropolitan Ministries - After 2

Nordlie Tampa (wholesale florists)


Nordlie Tampa Before

Nordlie - Before 1
Nordlie - Before 2

Nordlie Tampa After

Nordlie - After 1
Nordlie - After 2

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