LED Lighting Due Diligence Checklist

Items to consider before and/or during the energy audit.

  1. First, you should provide at least two electric bills to determine your proper charge per KWh to be used in your savings calculations.

  2. Also, you should provide exact actual light hours for your interior and exterior fixtures to get operating hours per month.

  3. Do you operate any fixtures 24 hours per day?

  4. And, does your business have any fixtures requiring emergency battery back up?

  5. Plus, make sure they obtain and record wattages of all your lighting fixtures. 

  6. In addition, you need to understand how older lighting loses lumen output?

  7. Also, you need to be aware of the importance of FC’s?

  8. You need to review your FC’s throughout your facility to understand what you have in light levels and what you need. 

More items to consider during your vendor selection process.

Once the lighting audit is done…

You will need to understand the products being proposed for your facility.

  1. First, ask if they are the manufacturer or reseller?

  2. Then, where are the products made?

  3. Also, do you have customers similar to me?

  4. And, how long have you been in business?

  5. Plus, are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

  6. In addition, are you a member of Dunn & Bradstreet?

  7. You should get a detailed spec sheet on all products they are recommending.

  8. You should request the LM79 and LM80 reports that support their spec sheets.

  9. Also, are your products UL Listed, Energy Star rated, and DLC certified?

  10. And, what type of chips are you using?

  11. Who is the manufacturer of the chips?

  12. Also, are they mid or high power?

  13. What Tier level chip is being used?

  14. Plus, you must know each product’s claim for wattages, lumen output and life spans.

  15. Also, you should ask them what drive current they operate each of your products at?

  16. And, what type of circuit boards do you use?

  17. You should understand what operating temperature limits of the fixtures.

  18. Also, inquire as to the type of thermal management of each product?

  19. What type of lensing technology do you have?

  20. Also, are the materials the products are made of conducive for your business?

  21. You should ask to see the warranty and product spec sheets.

  22. And, what is the procedure for failures under and out of warranty?

  23. In addition, will your products be eligible for power company rebates and will you handle the process?

  24. Would I be eligible for any federal tax deductions ?

  25. And, do you provide Green Funding?

  26. Plus, who does your installs?

  27. And, do you have liability and workman’s comp insurance?

  28. Will they provide me with a COI in my name?

  29. What is their installation warranty?

  30. And, can I trust you have told me honestly everything correct?

  31. What is my ROI with and without maintenance expenses?

  32. Finally, what is your turn around time for completion?  

This is a lot of work and due diligence for any business owner to do.  This is all critical information needed to make a proper, intelligent, successful business decision for long term continued satisfaction.  

You must choose carefully!

Premium Lighting provides only commercial-grade LED products. 

  • We have long standing partner relationships with the best LED manufacturers. 
  • This gives us the ability to truly value engineer the most cost-effective solution to provide you the best ROI.

Not all LED products are built the same. 

  • The old “you get what you pay for” applies here. 
  • Premium Lighting only represents products that live up to our stringent evaluation process. 
  • We evaluate the lumens per watt, life expectancy, certifications, chip/diode manufacturer and Tier level, materials used, thermal heat management, heat sink technology, and warranty.

In addition to the manufacturer warranty, which is typically 5 to 10 years, Premium Lighting also provides our 5-Year Service Warranty which stipulates that if you ever have an issue with any product we provide, just give us a call and we’ll repair or replace.

We like to tell our customers, “You won’t have to climb a ladder to change a bulb for a minimum of 5 years”